No. 2 Spray - 1 oz. Amber Bottle

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This is not Chanel No. 5. ItåÎå_Ì__åÎÌös MLN No. 2! If you donåÎå_Ì__åÎÌöt want everyone to experience the fragrance of your #2, spritz a little of this lovely stuff into the toilet bowl and no one will know!

And if youåÎå_Ì__åÎÌöre not the one making the stink, the label clearly tells your fragrance-causing guests how to use it. And if they canåÎå_Ì__åÎÌöt read and just use it for air freshener, thatåÎå_Ì__åÎÌös fine. It is GREAT for that, too! Keep a bottle in every bathroom and be sure to give as gifts! Sometimes people just need this stuff and itåÎå_Ì__åÎÌös your job to give it to them!